Berlucchi Bianco Imperiale

  • Berlucchi Bianco Imperiale
per doos/6 flessen

Complements fish dishes, antipasti, light meats such as veal and poultry. A skilful blend of DOC wines from Franciacorta, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Oltrepò Pavese, similar to the base wine that receives its second fermentation to become a Berlucchi spumante.Dry white still wine, beautifully proportioned. Bright straw yellow colour with, green reflections. Exquisitely lively, fragrant bouquet, showing intense varietal characteristic of spring blossoms, apple, and dried fruits. A gentle acidity makes with a lingering sensation in the palate.It pairs well with appetizers, rice or pasta first courses, fish, light meats, and cheeses.

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